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Palin’s Teen Pregnancy

Posted in ethics, gender, politics, race by jaeminuf on September 3, 2008

Family Members of the Republican Presidential Ticket

I personally don’t care about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. What I object to is the hypocrisy, not just of the Palin family but of the claim that it is a subject inappropriate for public debate.

On the one hand, of course, it is entirely a private affair; however, it was made a public affair a long time ago by those who insisted on abstinence before marriage, who cast judgment on anyone who had pre-marital sex, who sneered at teen pregnancies and particularly those of black teens, who supported policies that either rendered it impossible to terminate unwanted pregnancies or eroded public forms of support for girls/women and their unplanned offspring who lack the kind of support that Bristol fortunately has, etc.


URB Blogs’ Review of CNN’s “Black in America”

Posted in race by jaeminuf on August 2, 2008

This weekend, CNN offers up two night and four hours of their “Black In America” series. April’s episode on the MLK assasination was required watching. So set your Tivo before heading out the door Saturday night. – URB Blogs

Since I don’t watch TV, I wasn’t aware of the CNN special and, of course, didn’t watch it. That said, of course I was curious to see how CNN treated the issue. If you’re curious as well, URB Blog offers an intelligent analysis of the special.

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