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Fear and Loathing – Let Us Not Indulge

Posted in politics by jaeminuf on September 16, 2008

I hadn’t realized until yesterday that some Obama supporters have been regarding HRC to be conspicuously absent from the campaign because, in large part, my political radar had been tuned to pick up Obama‘s presence. Although now I can’t find the specific Salon.com article through which I became aware of this acrimony, the eagerness and vehemence with which some Salon.com‘s readers thrashed HRC with charges of being a selfish saboteur and traitor were alarming. Especially in light of the fact that HRC has been out there campaigning on Obama‘s behalf:

While I too share the anxieties resulting from the past two weeks’ surreality, it does no good to to cast unfounded aspersions on HRC, insisting she isn’t doing enough to win it for Obama. Besides the fact that winning this election is the responsibility of Obama, his campaign, and his supporters (by which I mean me and you, that is if you want to see Obama in the office), we can do better. We can start by stepping back so that we can get a better view of what actually is happening and what needs to happen.

The mistaken notion that HRC has not been stumping for Obama is in part due to the lack of media coverage. In part because traditional news outlets must keep an eye on their bottom line and because it is difficult not to take umbrage at the incredible nomination of that other woman (and yes, I am intentionally deploying the rhetoric of adultery), journalists have been preoccupied with her and the Republican campaign for the past two weeks. I also am surprised, given how well regarded Obama’s website is and how critical HRC’s constituency is, to find so little information about efforts being made not just by Obama and Biden but also by HRC, as well as by other key Democratic figures. Perhaps it was too much to anticipate the Obama-Biden website would be demonstrative of a dense network of power that attests to the collective grassroots nature of Obama‘s candidacy.

After all is said and done, the problem appears to be one of PR and to be in the process of being remedied, if HRC’s ABC interview linked above is any indication. In other words, the media seems to be in the process of accepting the HRC stand-in’s invitation to “grow a pair.”

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However, rather than rely solely on the ever fickle media to continue to represent our interests, we each can leverage the resources we do have to serve our self-interest. Rather than fret and indulge in acrimonious finger-pointing, we can reframe the conversation. Rather than let ABC fan partisan flames by asserting the “National Organization for Women will snub Palin’s history-making candidacy and endorse the Obama-Biden ticket” as if she is deserving of NOW‘s support, speak up, blog about it, digg it, post it on Facebook, email the article to receptive friends, etc. Do the same with news that traditional news outlets bury in news nowhereland. That’s where I found those above articles. News outlets do keep a track of popular articles. Who knows what may happen? Stanch the flow of misinformation, be it for or against your favored candidate or the opposition, by staying on top of FactCheck.org‘s updates to avoid perpetuating misinformation that can only hurt in the long run. And above all, try not to give in to the awful power of fear. Harder said than done but you can’t get anywhere without trying.

I know. I am such a goody goody two shoes.



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