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Shame on the Whole Lot of You

Posted in ethics, gender, politics by jaeminuf on September 6, 2008

Senator McCain with Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt has transformed John McCain’s campaign into an elbows-out, risk-taking, disciplined machine. – An Adviser Puts His Stamp on McCain CampaignThe New York Times

Steve Schmidt stands for all that I find problematic about politics. His modus operandi is what most people purport to find repugnant about politicking. McCain used to criticize this type of “win at all costs, including stretching the truth so much that it bears little resemblance to itself” politicking. That McCain who was critical of dirty politics, I actually liked.

Must we resort to this to win? Are we that base? To stoop to such demeaning strategies and to devour such meat with frightening voracity that we make a pack of laughing hyenas appear civilized?

This criticism is not limited to Steve Schmidt and whichever likeminded Republicans.

Dems! Whatever happened to being the change you want, of wanting a more elevated, diginified political engagement? Does Palin present not enough substantive problems that your most fervent critique was a disgraceful, photoshopped caricature? Really? This is your idea of change in the political landscape?

I am not such a fuddy duddy killjoy that I can’t appreciate trenchant critique. However, lopping on Sarah Palins’s head atop a bikini clad, rifle toting bod says more damning things about those who created and sniggered with relish at that image.

Obama campaign would have done well to come out and, with gravity, take its supporters to task. Honestly, Obama would garner more respect that way, even from those who are opposed to him. Or maybe I again give people way too much credit.


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