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A Millennial College Grad Discovers Sexism in the Workplace

Posted in gender by jaeminuf on September 1, 2008

New female college graduates, raised in a post-feminist culture, can have a hard time adjusting to a workplace where gender bias still exists. – Girl Power at School, but Not at the OfficeNYTimes.com

Ha! Imagine what it is like for someone graduating from a women’s college! Anyhow, a must read for women.

That said, the author is missing one piece of the puzzle. She says repeatedly that the workplace requires “abilities that men are just more likely to have already” or that “men have long known” how to succeed in the workplace. She never quite hits on why or it never dawns on her to think why, which is problematic.

Honey, who do you think were involved in shaping for not only decades but centuries the cultural values, the preferred modes of interpersonal conduct, that prevail in today’s workplace? Now think again why men seem to know already how to best navigate their workplaces, or seem better prepared to do so?

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