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Posted in ethics by jaeminuf on August 18, 2008

Oakland first-grader Zachary Cataldo suffered a skull fracture when a fifth-grader allegedly slammed him against a tree in April as he waited to be picked up after school at Piedmont Avenue Elementary. – Bullying takes twisted turn for the worse

Letter to a bullied girl

Bullying and mobbing have become great concerns for me lately. Ironically, I did not see much bullying or mobbing during the eight weeks of SAT boot camp. I saw good natured teasing but overall the kids appeared incredibly supportive of one another. I have seen on the other hand, quite contrary to a sentiment expressed in this article, a lot of bullying and mobbing amongst college students, graduate students, employers and employees, work colleagues, etc. Sadness. Bullying and mobbing cause me to vacillate between speaking out and acting against this insidious violence and checking out in complete disgust. I hope that I can persevere and remain engaged.

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